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losing my house to foreclosure

cathy066 started this conversation

I am about to lose my house to foreclosure.

Not quite sure what to do.  I am in arrears about $9,000.00 (with lawyers fees).

Everywhere I turn, there is no help...its quite complicated: My father is on the deed to the house with me, but I have recently had to put him in a nursing home due to dementia. My husband is not on the deed, and he has been disabled for 2 years, so now I am the only one with true "income". I work full time and my husband receives only a small amount monthly for him and my son. And with my father out of the house, I have that much less income.

I have been in this house for 34 years. (on and off...) We moved here on my 7th birthday.  My mother made this house our home and passed away here.

I personally suffer from depression and anxiety, and this has made it so much worse. 

I am reaching out to anyone who has any knowledge of what to do....Im at wits end. County agencies will not help because there is no guarantee that I could keep current with the mortgage due to the fact that my husband is still diabled. (diabetic with foot ulcers- has had 3 toes removed)

Thank you for your time.

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maxine123   in reply to desperate123
Did you ever get a response? Same here, I don't know what to do.
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Hi There, just curious, were you ever able to get help? I am in the same situation. About to lose my home. I have less than 30 day to come up with 8,000 and nobody will help me.
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desperate123   in reply to baldy
Hi There, I am currenty in the same situation as you are. Were you able to get any help? I am desperate.
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susiedoo   in reply to Peek a boo
How can you help with mortgage
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sdaniella
I forgot please take your email address off here for the reason I have posted to u. It even said don't post your address phone number email address on here
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sdaniella
The person u posted to hasn't been on here sents2010 but if u see someone posting to everyone I can help he are she is a rip off. They come on here sometimes and we know when they are they will post to like 6 people in one mins.good luck
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sdaniella   in reply to Peek a boo
I am loosing my house if I do not
pay by May1st! I am terrified. Can you help me??
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Home help
If you or someone you know has received a Notice of Default on an owner occupied property in Washington State give us a call and ask about our new Foreclosure Fairness Act mediation services. We have developed a team and program to offer affordable quality representation through out the process for our members and others seeking to participate in the mediation process here in WA. The Foreclosure Fairness Act Mediation program is best protection against necessary foreclosure to date however we have found that MANY people unfortunately MANY know nothing about it. I was told by the director of the program that this was because it is not adequately funded at the moment and they leave it to the referrers and other organizations to get the word out. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ONLY HAVE 20 DAYS AFTER THE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE IS RECORDED AT THE COUNTY TO REMAIN ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. Fore more information please call our office at 425-259-2600 . In the event that you have missed the deadline we can also refer you for free to other resources and trusted professionals within our network. Knowledge is power!
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I ve been living in my home since 2003. I have 2 daughters and spouse house is under. Dads name. Father mortgaged it for 18000 he payed 1st payment ...decided he was gonna let house go,my dad asked me to takeover payments when paid off he would. Switch over to my name. House needed a whole lots of work .gas line ,sewer. Plumbing ,windows ,ceiling, backtaxes I've put in 6000at least and still needs work windows, plumbing, doors gas lines has well water needed pump and pressure tank ... still owe 13000 .mortgage company is in forclosure will to settle debt for 7000 don't have money. I have a family 4 and 9 year old girls . I'm receiving unemployment benefits and wife has part time job. House has sentimental value but needs too much work . What can I do. My dad will not help me never really cared. He blew the loan money within 2 months ... only paid. To fix roof I ve put the rest in it and. 6000 plus mortgage payments from 2003 to oct 2011....please help with advice . I have no where to go.
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The best solution is to do a short sale.

We can help:

For anyone in this situation let us help. There is no upfront fee.

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 in response to Matthew10...   I know someone who will be loosing a single family home in less than 30 days it is very sad to see what it feels like to loose a home when a person/family has lived in the home for over 40 friend is at his wits end and doesn't know what to do because now the bank ownes the home and they were told to move within a months time..I myself do not know anything about owning a home because I rent and have never owned a home...are their any suggestions that you can help me with so I can pass it on to a friend of mine who is very sad that his grandmother will have to vacate her home of 40+ yrs?...and has no idea what to do next in order to keep the home somehow someway!.
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I am currently losing my home due to forclosure, lost my job and my buisiness went under due to the economy. i have two children that have lived here since they were born and don't want to tell them daddy has lost his home. I have owned this home for 8 years, am currently going thru divorce as well. Only need 5,000.00 to bring mortgage current and begin to make regular payments again. Are there any programs out there that don't take forever to get qualified for or anyone that can help me out with this. i dont have any place to go if they take my house from me. 

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Peek a boo

i can help call me @ 504 298 9206

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Peek a boo

i can help call me @ 504 298 9206

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 in response to doing great...   I feel the same way. I just ordered groceries and have to eat shaking and how am I going to afford just what you mention...It really sucks. I physically can't work because there is nothing holding me up if I don't eat . I want to take a nap and can't as someone is bring food i hope 5-7pm...None of my neighbors help...I can't wait till it gets warmer.
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doing great

I know what you mean. I have been a hard worker all my life. I have never been in debt. I am going to lose my home, car, and grooming buisness. I have put in over 20 applications. Guess what? I still don't have a job. My car is breaking down and can't even afford insurances. Life can't get any better.

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Our organization,  Foreclosure Associates will do a full RESPA/compliance audit on your current mortgage. Nationally, our team finds mistakes which renders the mortgage document not enforceable. Our customers have often been able to then hold title free and clear! Our fees are very reasonable and we will have an audit completed in under 24 hours. Call me Matthew Dunnahan anytime 602-918-3055 for a free phone consultation! You may also drop us an email to:

This is you chance to delay foreclosure (thus your chance to save up) OR cancel the foreclosure permanently!

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 in response to Kasmere...   

You must tell the renters the truth--they have been fair with you.  They will understand; everyone knows about the troubled real estate market, so you're in good company.   Give them an extra month free in the house until they can find a place.  That way, you'll feel you did everything you could.

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I have renters in my property and it's going into foreclosure what should I tell them or what shall I do, they pay rent on time, I just have many other properties that are going in default and it's an domino effect...


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